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Urbano Bruan Aascow


Very distinguished Dutch physician, who served in the Royal Navy of Denmark. Published in Copenhagen...

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Ulises Albergotti

(s. XVII)

Physicist and Italian astrologer who lived at the beginning of the 17TH century. He/She wrote a book...

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Ulises Aldrovandi


Famous Italian naturalist, called the modern Plinio. He/She was born in Bologna, in 1522, and died i...

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Ulnio Joaquin Amtor

(s. XVII)

German physician of the seventeenth century, one of the first to write about Teratology; He/She publ...

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Ursula Andress


Swiss film actress born on March 19, 1936 in Berne (Switzerland).With just eighteen years he/she app...

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Ulrich El Viejo Apt


German painter, son of the painter Peter Apt. He/She was born around 1460 and died in Augsburg in 15...

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Ulrico Ayta


Diplomat, man of State and Dutch jurist, individual of the Council of States, and one of the most co...

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Ugo Betti


Italian poet and dramatist. He/She was born in Camerino, and died in Rome. In Caporetto was taken pr...

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Umberto Boccioni


Painter and Italian Futurist sculptor, born on October 19, 1882 in Reggio Calabria and died near Ver...

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Usain "Lightning Bolt" Bolt


Jamaican athlete born in Trewlany Parish, Jamaica, on August 21, 1986. Since his childhood, Bolt was...

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Ulrich Boner

(s. XIV)

Swiss poet, who lived during the 14th century. Religious era belonging to the order of the Dominican...

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Ulrich Bräker


Swiss writer, born in Wattwil in 1735, and died in 1798. In his most famous work, his autobiography ...

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Ulpiano Checa y Sanz


Spanish painter; He/She was born in Colmenar de Oreja (Madrid) and died in Dax (France). He/She stud...

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Ulrico Clanricard


Man of the English State. He/She was born in 1604 and died in 1657. He/She was member of Parliament ...

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Usevolodowich Constantino


Russian Tsar, born in 1186 and died in 1219. He/She was the son of Usevolod III, Grand Prince of Ula...

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Uriel da Costa

(1585-ca. 1647)

Gabriel (Uriel) da Costa, born in Oporto of judeoconversa family; as he/she himself says, he/she was...

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Ulysses Dove


Dancer and choreographer American, born in Columbia (South Carolina) on 17 January 1947 and died in ...

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Umberto Eco


Semiotic, essayist and Italian novelist, born on January 5, 1932 in Alessandria. He/She has taught a...

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Ulises Espaillat


Dominican politician born in Santiago de los Caballeros in 1823 and died in the same city in 1878, t...

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Ulises Estrella


Poet, dramatist, Narrator, essayist and Ecuadorian film director, born in Quito on July 4, 1939. It ...

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Ulf Svante Von Euler


Swedish physiologist, Nobel Prize in Physiology and medicine in 1970 for his research on the chemica...

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Uguccione della Faggiuola

(ca. 1250-1319)

Noble and Italian military born in Massa Trabaria about 1250 and died in Vicenza the 1 of November 1...

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Ugo Foscolo


Poet and Italian man of letters, born on the island of Zakynthos in 1778 and died in 1827. When the ...

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Ulrich Fugger


Dealer and German banker born in 1441 and died in 1510. He/She belonged to the famous lineage Augsbu...

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Uriel Gatti

(s. XVII)

Painter of the school of Cremona. He/She lived at the beginning of the 17TH century. One of his best...

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Ulrico Gering


Famous Swiss, natural printer of Constanza, where was born around 1444, and died in Paris in 1510. H...

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Ugolino della Gherardesca

(ca. 1205-1289)

Aristocrat and Italian politician, born in Pisa to 1205 and died in his hometown in March 1289. Very...

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Umberto Giordano


Italian composer, born in Foggia in 1867, and died in Milan in 1948. He/She was a pupil of the Conse...

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Urbano González Serrano


Caceres essayist, born in Navalmoral de la Mata, who was among the ranks of Spanish krausism and who...

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Urs Graf

(ca. 1485-1527)

Painter, engraver, and Swiss artist, born in Soleure to 1485 and died in Basel at the end of 1527. O...

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Urbano Grandier


French clergyman who was born around 1590. He/She was priest of San Pedro in Loudun, and Canon of th...

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Ulysses Simpson Grant


Ulisses Grant.General and American politician, Secretary of war (1868) under the Presidency of Andr...

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Uri Sebí Greenberg


Jewish poet born in Bialykamien, in Galicia, of a very traditional religious family. You are bound t...

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Ulu Grosbard


Born in Antwerp on January 9, 1929 Belgian film director.LifeTheatrical tradition, he/she studied at...

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Ulisses Guimarães


Brazilian politician, born in 1916, in clear River (State of São Paulo), and died on 13 October 199...

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Ulla Hahn


German poet, born in 1946 in Brachthausen (Sauerland).He studied German Philology, and subsequently ...

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Ulises Heureaux


Military and Dominican politician born in 1844 and died in Moca on July 26, 1899. Popularly known as...

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Urbano Hjorne


Swedish naturalist who was born in 1641 and died in 1724. He/She was member of the Royal Society of ...

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Ulrico Huber


Jurisconsult and Frisian publicist, was born in 1636 and died in 1694. He/She was Professor of eloqu...

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Ulrich Reichsritter von Hutten


German writer born in Burg Steckelberg (Fulda) in 1488 and died on the island of Ufenau, in Lake Zur...

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Ulrich "El King of los Alpes" Inderbinen


Swiss alpinist, born on December 3, 1900 (canton of Valais) Zermatt and died in the same town on 14 ...

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Ub Iwerks


CTO of cinema, animation technician, producer, designer of cameras, special effects and of the Ameri...

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Urs Jaeggi


Swiss writer, born in 1931 in Solothurn.After working for five years in a Bank, he/she began studyin...

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Uwe Johnson


German novelist, born in Cammin (Pomerania, near Stettin, currently known as Szczecin Polish city) i...

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Urho Kaleva Kekkonen


Finnish politician, President of the Republic Finnish between 1956-1981, born on 30 September 1900 i...

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Ulrico Federico Kopp


Jurisconsult and German paleographer. His most notable works are: clarification of the history of Ge...

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Urbano Leblanc


French veterinary school of Alfort teacher and member of the Academy of medicine, born in 1796. His ...

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Ulpio Cornelio Leliano


One of the thirty tyrants who rose in the Empire under the reign of Gallienus. Young was proclaimed ...

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Urraca López de Haro y Ruiz de Castro


Abbess of the monastery of Cañas, called the blessed Doña Urraca. He/She was possibly born in Náj...

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Ulrich Friedrich Lowendail


Marshal of France. He/She was born in 1700 and died in 1755. He/She was descended from an illegitima...

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Ulpio Marcelo

(s. II)

Famous Jurisconsult Roman, Member of the sect of the proculeyos, who lived in the 2nd century in the...

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Ulpia Marciana Augusta

(ca. 50-112)

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Umberto Mastroianni


Italian sculptor, born in Fontana Liri on September 21, 1910, and died in San Marino (Rome) on Febru...

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Ulrich Johann Megerle


Priest and German writer, born at Kreenheinstetten bei Messkirch (Swabian) in 1644 and died in Vienn...

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Ulrike Meyfarth


German athlete, born in Frankfurt, West Germany's financial capital, on May 4, 1956. In the Munich O...

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Ugolino di Nerio

(s. XIV)

Painter known as Ugolino da Siena. Appears between the closest to Duccio disciples, although Vasari ...

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Umberto. Nobile


Italian polar Explorer born on June 21, 1885 in Lauro (Avellino, town near Salerno) and died on July...

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Uxío Novoneyra


Spanish writer in the Galician language (only in his youth wrote also in Castilian), born in a famil...

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U Nu


Burmese politician, born at Wakema in 1907, who was leader of the Burmese nationalist movement since...

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Ulrico Obrecht


Jurisconsult and French philologist, Professor of eloquence and history in Strasbourg, born in 1646 ...

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Urbano Pardo Agúndez


Spanish writer, born in Aranda de Duero (Burgos). He/She studied theology and Philology Spanish in S...

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Ulises Petit de Murat


Writer, poet, essayist, playwright and screenwriter of Argentine cinema, born in 1907. He/She also w...

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Ulrich Plenzdorf


German writer born in Berlin in 1934. Raised in a family of workers, Plenzdorf witnessed how his par...

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Ulrico Schmidel

(s. XVI)

16th century German traveler. He/She accompanied Pedro de Mendoza to America, from 1534 to 1553, and...

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Uwe Scholz


Dancer, choreographer and artistic director German, born in Jugenheim on December 31, 1958 and died ...

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Ulrico Seetzer

(s. XIX)

Dutch traveler of the nineteenth century. He/She was born in East Friesland. He/She toured Syria and...

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Uliana Semenova


Soviet basketball player of Latvian origin. Its spectacular height (2.11 meters) became the undisput...

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Uday Shankar


Dancer and Indian master, born in Udaipur on 8 December 1900 and died in Clacuta on September 26, 19...

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Upton Beall Sinclair


American writer, born in Baltimore (Maryland) in 1878, and died in 1968. He/She studied at the unive...

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