Biographies that begin by the letter: X Approximately 37 results

Xavier Abril de Vivero


Poet, essayist and Narrator Peruvian, born in Lima on November 4, 1905 and died in Montevideo (Urugu...

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Ximena Adriazola


Chilean writer, author of books of poetry yellow (1956), meets time (1958) and time stopped (1977); ...

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Xabi Alonso


Xabi Alonso with the equipping of the selection. Photo: rfef.esPlayer of Spanish football, born 25 ...

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Xoan Anleo


Painter, sculptor and ceramist Spanish, born in 1960 in Marín (Pontevedra). It received initial tra...

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Xabier Arzalluz Antia


Politician and Chairman of the nationalist party Vasco (PNV), born on August 24, 1932 in Azcoitia (G...

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Xisto Bahia


Musician and Brazilian actor, born in Salvador (Bahia) on August 6, 1841 and died in Caxambu (MG) on...

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XII Sultán mameluco Baibars o Bibars


Twelfth sultan of the dynasty of the Baharitas Mamluks, of Circassian origin. It was proclaimed in 1...

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Xosé Manuel Beiras Torrado


Spanish, politician leader historical of the Galician Nationalist block (BNG) in the autonomous Parl...

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Xavier Benguerel


Spanish novelist, born in Barcelona in 1905 and also died in Barcelona on December 19, 1990. Family ...

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Xavier Casals i Meseguer


Writer and Spanish historian, born in Barcelona in 1963. After completing advanced studies in geogra...

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Xavier Casp i Vercher


Poet, Narrator, essayist and Spanish historian, born in Carlet (Valencia) on October 7, 1915 and die...

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Xavier Corberó Olivella


Sculptor and Spanish painter born in Barcelona in 1935.He began his studies at the Massana School of...

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Ximena Cristi


Chilean painter, born in Rancagua (O´Higgins province) on December 4, 1920, belonging to the artist...

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Xavier Cugat


Musician and Spanish artist, whose full name was Francisco De Asis Javier Cugat Mingall De Bru i Deu...

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Xavier Domingo


Journalist and writer, specializing in culinary and sociological issues. His articles highlighted th...

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Xavier Domínguez Marroquín


Natural writer of Begoña (Bilbao), graduated in philosophy and letters and law, although its main a...

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Xinia Estrada Mena


Narrator and Costa Rican poet, born in the province of San José on June 20, 1964. Daughter of a fam...

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Xosé Fernando Filgueira Valverde


Writer, historian, archaeologist, and Spanish anthropologist, born in Pontevedra in 1906 and died in...

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Xabier Gereño


Novelist, dramatic and Spanish translator, born in Ledesma (Vizcaya), on August 12, 1924 and died in...

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Xavier Gosé


Spanish cartoonist and Illustrator who is considered one of the forerunners of modernism. He/She was...

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Xohán de Guillade

(s. XIII)

Galician Troubadour from the 13th century. 47 of his compositions appear in the Songbook of the Vati...

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Xanana Gusmão


Political mauberense, historical leader of the independence movement in East Timor, born on 20 June ...

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Xavier "Xavi" Hernández Creus


Xavi HernándezSpanish footballer, born 25 January 1980 in Terrassa, Barcelona. He/She began his ca...

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XI pischadiano de Persia Kischtasp

(633 a.C.-?)

Eleventh and last King of Persia of the dynasty or family of the Pischdadianos. He/She said a war wi...

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Xavier Le Pichon


French Geophysicist born in 1937, who helped develop the theory of plate tectonics.Le Pichon carried...

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Xabier Lete


Spanish writer in the Basque language, born in Oyarzun (Guipúzcoa) in 1944 and died on December 4, ...

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Xosé M. Martínez Oca


Spanish writer in the Galician language, born in La Estrada (Pontevedra). He/She is the author of an...

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Xosé Luis Méndez Ferrín


Spanish writer, born in Ourense (Galicia) on September 7, 1938.He studied high school in Pontevedra....

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Xavier Miserachs


Spanish photographer, born in Barcelona (Catalonia) in 1937 and died in the same city in 1998, was o...

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Xavier Montsalvatge


Composer and Spanish music critic born in Girona on March 11, 1912, and died in Barcelona on 7 May 2...

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Xosé Neira Vilas


Spanish writer in Galician language, born in Gres (Pontevedra). Peasant origins and self-taught, he/...

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Xavier Nogués


Traditional Spanish painter, born and died in Barcelona (1873-1940). His early works include illustr...

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Xabier Ormazabal


Spanish Mountaineer born in Urretxu (Guipúzcoa) on March 26, 1981 and died while descending Mount C...

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Ximena Restrepo


Athlete Colombian, born in Medellín (Antioquia) in 1969, which has the honor of having obtained the...

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Xavier Rodríguez Baixeras


Spanish poet in Galician, natural language of Tarragona. He/She spent his childhood in Ribadeo and t...

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Xavier Rubert de Ventós


Spanish philosopher, born in Barcelona in 1939. He/She has been Professor of aesthetics at the Unive...

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Xavier de Salas Bosch


Historian of Spanish art born in Barcelona on June 4, 1907, and died in Madrid on June 3, 1982. He/S...

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